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About Us

Help spread the message of hope with "Priceless Diamonds, Inc." based in Atlanta, Georgia, and our mission of sharing child abuse awareness with people nationwide. Our campaign is dedicated to helping all who have suffered from child abuse, and to anyone who desires to help others become more aware of these horrendous things.

"Priceless Diamonds, Inc." has been an official nonprofit since 2011, our organization is passionate about providing children with a strong voice to ensure others hear their cries for help. We help people recognize the signs of abuse and make strides to prevent any further pain from happening to these children and their families. We want to help prevent child abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, neglect, hate, and we encourage them to speak up. We are also a 501(C)(3) organization.

Our efforts come straight from the heart, and we are ecstatic to be able to assist families in fighting the abuse that plagues our society. You receive personal attention and hands-on help from our founder as we work together in promoting a safer environment for children everywhere.

Meet Our "Advocate"

"Helping to Change Someone's Life"

Through her story, she shares the pain of child abuse. She is a woman that went through the pain of abuse. Inside of her, burns the fire of a thousand suns. That was her "secret". On the outside she is soft, delicate, and beautiful meant to be protected, cherished, cared for, and looked after. She was somebody’s little girl. No one came to help her.

Now she wants to help children like her. "The wounded knows the wounded".

Today, her secret reality is public knowledge and the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Her past is a story about a little girl’s struggle to cope with the trials of growing up in an abusive household, being held against her will, and becoming a teen mom.

It is a story of a teen’s misadventure in drugs, establishing relationships, and life in the adult industry,as well as a tale of a woman’s unbelievable journey that involves sacrifice, reflection, and heartbreak. Whether bound by emotion, or captivated by experience, there remains only one fundamental truth for this woman. You can choose the road you travel, but they all have a price, and nothing is ever free.

She is a business woman from the Midwest who got her start at the very young age of 12, on the streets alone. She opened one of the biggest adult entertainment businesses, though also was involved with real estate and investing. Her ability to adapt to any situation and keen eye for opportunity has allowed her to take advantage of all this world has to offer. The rewards, however, do not come without hard work and hardship.

Recently she decided to come forward and tell her story to the world, but she would only do it in a way that would help people, especially teens, understand the choices and responsibilities that they have to each other and themselves. Drugs, sex, relationships, and money are aspects of life that directly influence the behavior of us all, and her decision to do this has proven without a doubt that it is never too late to change. She has given her life to God, and is now happier then ever. She has found peace and healing with her calling.

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Partner, Speaker

My story begins twenty years ago, in 1993. At this time, I was divorced. My 20 year old daughter moved in with my then-ex-wife. We met a man that had a friend our same age which was 38 at that time. My daughter started dating the this man who was 20 years her senior.

My first mistake was to allow them to date. As time passed, I guess I started accepting the age difference.They ended up moving into my mom's house, next door. Then, a few years later, my mom passed away and left her the house, which made me happy. During this time my son married and had two boys. He built a house on a property next door to me. I was very happy, as I had both of my kids next door.

The grand boys started growing up. During this time, very strange things were happening with this man. He started walking out onto the porch in the nude. Cops were called about the situation, but they stated, "it was his property, he could do what he wanted". So, after that, he became more bold, walking out in front of my new wife.

Once again, the cops came, questioned us, then talked to him and were no help. I became outraged with this guy and his disrespect. There was a confrontation soon after. I was mad, cursing him out and chasing him. He looked at me, scared, and to beat it all... my daughter was protecting him.

Mike D.

The next day, police came to question me, telling me I was in the wrong and to let it die down. So my son said the grand boys needed to stay away from him, and I agreed. More time passed with no major events. I tried to talk with him and get to know him. The more I did, I knew something wasn't right with him. I would tell my daughter how I felt; that he was controlling and brainwashing her. So the saying "time heals all wounds" is not always true. The grand boys were 13 and 8. My son started letting the boys see their aunt when he was around the man. He would always talk to them about guns and army hunting, things a 13 year old boy is interested in. By this time, the man had kind of won everyone but myself and my wife over.

We thought maybe he was just different. That's where we were wrong. My daughter was having a cookout, and wanted the boys to come, so my son his wife and the boys went. It started getting late so mom and dad went home. The 13 year old stayed with the daughter and her boyfriend. He gave him coffee and energy drinks, and started talking about sex. He even showed him magazines. My grandson started getting scared, and wanted to go home. So, the man followed him outside, grabbed him, pulled him toward him, pulling his pants down and started performing oral sex to him. He pulled away, ran home and told his mom and dad. We were in shock, and mad. I went next door to beat on the door, but he wouldn't answer, so I called 911. The cops came and questioned him. Of course, he denied it all to the cops, so they turned the case over to detectives. He was arrested after 18 months he was sentenced to 30 years to life. I would say to all parents: follow your gut instinct. Never ever trust anyone with your child.

My family learned a hard lesson. I will never get over the fact that I let it happen under my nose. Justice, to a degree, got served. He got 30 years to life. Also, there were "other" children victimized by this man.

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